Polylang for WooCommerce

I am glad to announce that the long awaited Polylang extension for WooCommerce is now available to allow you to create a multilingual shop. It is already tested by a few Polylang Pro customers for more than one month, some of them already using it on a production site.

This extension can work either with Polylang or Polylang Pro. Here are the features:

  • WooCommerce pages and translations generated in 3 clicks
  • Products, categories, tags, shipping classes, global attributes are all translatable.
  • Categories, tags, shipping classes, attributes, product images, product galleries, stocks are synchronized across translations. Other metas are copied when creating a translation.
  • Reports consider all translations as one product.
  • Duplicating a product duplicates its translations too.
  • Orders are assigned a language, making emails sent to the customer in that language.
  • With Polylang Pro, urls (including endpoints) are translatable in the strings translations table.
  • The cart is synchronized across languages (does not work for subdomains and multiple domains yet).

The extension comes of course with Premium support.

We now enter a second beta stage during which Polylang for WooCommerce will be available as a standalone product at half price and the bundle combining Polylang Pro and Polylang for WooCommerce will be at the same price as Polylang Pro, making Polylang for WooCommerce free for one year to Polylang Pro users.

The plan is to end the beta period in next September.

Picture illustrating the article by Alexas_Fotos and licensed under CC0 Public Domain.