Polylang 2.0

Polylang Pro 2.0 comes with major features for users having multiple domains:

  • Thanks to the single sign on feature, you are now able to preview your translated posts, access the admin bar on all domains, or access deactivated languages when you have sufficient privileges.
  • The browser preferred language detection is now accessible to users having multiple domains.
  • Polylang for WooCommerce users now benefit from the synchronization of the cart across multiple domains or subdomains.

Another major improvement for Polylang Pro users is the integration of Advanced Custom Fields Pro: Custom fields are automatically copied when you create a new translation.

Some new features are common to both versions of Polylang:

  • It’s now possible to use the language switcher as dropdown in menus (if your theme styles submenus as dropdowns).
  • Polylang now supports the custom logo introduced in WordPress 4.5.
  • The integration with Yoast SEO has been improved for custom post types an taxonomies.

Also some major changes, interesting mainly developers, occur under the hood:

  • The current language on backend (PLL()->curlang) is now equal to the language of the current post or term being edited, instead of the admin language filter value.
  • The support of the WPML API was drastically improved by adding support of the Hook API introduced in WPML 3.2.

And of course, this new version has been tested against the latest development version of WordPress 4.6.

Picture illustrating the article by Martin Winkler and licensed under CC0 Public Domain.