Polylang Pro is coming out

Almost five years ago, I started writing a multilingual plugin for my personal needs. Three months later, I made it available to the public and released Polylang 0.1 on wordpress.org.

To my great surprise, the number of users grew very rapidly. I started adding more features. Synchronization in 0.7, media in 0.9, WPML config file in 1.0, multiple domains in 1.2, automatic detection of frontend ajax requests in 1.4…

With success came more and more requests, either for new features or for support, that I could not satisfy. Some months ago, a partly pushed by conversations that I had in the first WordCamp that I attended, I ended up deciding to leave my previous job and focus on the development of a Pro version to help the project growing one step beyond.

So today comes the first version of Polylang Pro, based on Polylang 1.9, with long awaited features.

It is now possible to translate all urls slugs. For example, you can have your travel category url in English looking like http://mysite.com/category/travel/ and the url of its translation in French looking like http://mysite.com/fr/categorie/voyage/.

It is now possible to share the same post or term slug across languages. Did you write a fantastic post about Paris? The url will look like http://mysite.com/paris/ and the url of its translation in German will now look like http://mysite.com/de/paris/.

Are you bored by copy pasting content from one post to its translation? It is now possible to duplicate the content from the source post when creating a translation.

Do you upload and translate a lot of medias? Polylang Pro can automatically duplicate media in all languages.

You already have your site in several languages and want to add a new one? But you would like to keep your new translations hidden before everything is ready. It’s now possible to keep a whole language invisible to visitors by deactivating it from the WordPress dashboard.

What will change for current users? Polylang will remain available in the wordpress.org repository keeping all features it already has. However I won’t offer free support anymore.

Picture illustrating the article by Karen Arnold and licensed under CC0 Public Domain.