Polylang for WooCommerce 1.3

This new version of our WooCommerce addon focuses on the compatibility with WooCommerce blocks. It introduces the compatibility with the block “All reviews”, which is available since WooCommerce 3.8 and the block “All Products”, which will come with WooCommerce 3.9. As this compatibility required some work on Polylang Pro side, all users needing these 2 blocks will need to update to Polylang Pro 2.6.9, that we released last week.

As you may remember, WooCommerce 3.8 came with a regression which prevented to use 4 of the available blocks in a multilingual context. The issue has been fixed, as planned, in the version 3.9. So it is expected that all the WooCommerce blocks will work correctly in a multilingual context.

We are also introducing two new compatibilities with WooCommerce addons: WooCommerce Composite Products  and Checkout Field Editor. The compatibility with Composite Products allows to maintain the synchronization of data when they should and also allows to translate the cart when switching the language with a composite product in the cart, in a similar way as we already do with WooCommerce Product Bundles. The compatibility with Checkout Field Editor will allow you to translate the fields labels and placeholders in the strings translations table.

It’s also important to note that we increased our requirements for PHP (5.6), WordPress (4.9), WooCommerce (3.2) and Polylang (2.6). And last but not least, we decided to use the services of TranslationsPress to provide you with the translations of the plugin, as we already do for Polylang Pro. Already available translations are Dutch, French, German and Swedish. English UK, Italian and Spanish are in progress. More will come soon!