Polylang 2.2

Let’s imagine that you have a site in English and in Arabic. WordPress allows you to choose your backend language. But if, for example you choose English, your editor will be in English too, meaning that you have to write your post from left to right, even if you are writing a post in Arabic. Of course it is possible to switch the backend language to Arabic to get the editor in the right direction. But it’s for sure not very convenient to change the backend language each time you want to write a post. Polylang will now set the editor text direction according to the language of the post you are editing.

WordPress 4.7 introduced REST API endpoints. Polylang Pro 2.2 adds compatibility with these endpoints. This means that the languages and translations groups are outputed when retrieving posts or terms through the REST API.

Polylang Pro 2.0 introduced an integration with ACF Pro. This works with custom fields for posts but not for terms. This gap is now filled and you won’t have to maintain your custom fields for terms translations separately anymore. For developers, a new filter, ‘pll_copy_term_metas’, working pretty much the same way as ‘pll_copy_post_metas’ has been introduced to support the synchronization of term metas.

Polylang users wanting to add a calendar to their site could already use Events Maker, a plugin which, as all plugins by dfactory, has been designed to work in multilingual context since its origin. However, being the most popular calendar plugin, we had a lot of requests to make The Events Calendar compatible with Polylang. That’s now done in Polylang Pro 2.2!. Update Feb 04, 2020: We noticed that our compabitibility has been broken by a recent version of The Events Calendar (probably since the version 5.0.0).

Initially planned for Polylang Pro 2.2 but punted not to delay the release, we are currently working on an integration with WP All Import. It currently works as a separated plugin, already tested by a few customers. The customers of our premium plugins interested in testing this integration may ask for the beta version to our helpdesk. Update Oct 27, 2020: Several important issues in our integration with WP All Import have been reported in the past months. The development of our integration has been put on hold due to the lack of time.

The final release is planned for the August, 15th. You can download the beta version of Polylang Pro 2.2 from your account. You can download Polylang 2.2 from GitHub. Please report bugs on GitHub.

Picture illustrating the article by magee and licensed under CC0 Public Domain.