5 – Widgets

Go to Appearance > Widgets


For all widgets you have now the possibility to choose to display it for all languages (default) or only one language. If you select “All languages” you will have the possibility to translate the title in the Strings translation option.

Polylang adds a new widget to display a language switcher. Whatever the chosen options, the widget will display a language only if at least one post or one page has been published in this language.


This option allows you to choose whether to display the languages as a list (default) or as a select dropdown. When selecting the dropdown, the list will display only the language names and no flags.

This option is checked by default and allows you to choose to display the “Full name” of the language.

This option allows you to choose to display the flags associated to the language. You can choose to display either the languages names or flags or both.

When checking this option, the visitor will always be sent to the front page even if the current page is translated.

Check this option to hide the current language.

For example, if the current page is not translated in Spanish,  the language switcher will not display the Spanish language.