An interview with Awesome Web Designs

We are happy to present an interview of Awesome Web Designs, an agency providing web design, graphic design and digital marketing services to their customers. They are using Polylang on their own website.

Who we are?

Awesome Web Designs is a Toronto based web design business. We use WordPress and Beaver Builder to create professional business sites for our clients. We specialize in ecommerce, digital marketing, web development, and graphic design for websites.

What we use Polylang for?

We design websites for partners all over the world, so to better serve them, we wanted our domain to have multilingual support.
We decided to use Polylang because it was a highly recommended WordPress plugin. It was a reliable alternative to other paid plugins and we were able to download it directly from the official WordPress repository. It also came with the added benefit of being a light-weight plugin. It doesn’t create any incompatibilities or affect speed performance. The biggest benefit Polylang brought to the table was its SEO compatibility. It automatically gives your site the ‘hreflang’ tag, which means your site will show up for search results in other languages, internationally. In this case, this helped us improve our business presence in Spain.

What we like about Polylang?

The most valuable thing about Polylang is it reduced time spent by us, the developers. Polylang made the process of adding multilingual support faster and more efficient than the alternatives. Specifically, it helps translate widgets and strings. Polylang served as an immensely useful resource for developing our site and improving our SEO presence internationally. While reaching a wider audience through language is the main goal of this plugin, it’s clear it was made with the developer in mind too.

Overall conclusion

We enjoyed Polylang so much, we actually wrote our own guide on how to use it. We take the reader through a step-by-step process on how to translate entire pages, widgets, and menus, as well as how to modify your URL to reflect the new language support. Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed using Polylang. It helped us reach a much wider audience and improved our search results with Google. It’s a well coded product and we look forward to any software improvements the Polylang team makes in the future.

Picture illustrating the article by rawpixel and licensed under Pixabay license.