Polylang for WooCommerce 0.6

A few days ago, we released Polylang for WooCommerce 0.6. Of course, we don’t expect it to be totally bug free, but we consider it to be fairly stable and that it decently covers all expected features for a multilingual WooCommerce shop. After more than 7 months of in-situation tests on hundreds of sites, we have thus decided to close the beta. I would like to thank all our customers for their patience during this development phase.

Although some WooCommerce extensions work out of the box, other need extra work to run smoothly. Thus we started to support popular WooCommerce extensions. After WooCommerce Subscriptions added in the version 0.4, Dynamic Pricing and Table rate Shipping in version 0.5, we started supporting WooCommerce Bookings And WooCommerce Shipment tracking in version 0.6. More will be added in the future.

Of course we can’t support every extensions. Our policy is to add support based on the number of requests we get, so don’t hesitate to tell us about your favorite extension by contacting us and tagging your request with « I have a feature request ».

As the beta period closes, this also ends the associated 50 % discount. Polylang for WooCommerce will now be sold at the same price as Polylang Pro. The bundle of our two plugins will be sold with a 30% discount, or even more for multiple sites licenses. This is also the opportunity for us to introduce a new plan for agencies, with a license for 25 sites.

Picture illustrating the article by James De Mers and licensed under CC0 Public Domain.