Managing the license keys

You receive your license key in your purchase receipt. Alternatively, it is also available in your Account > License keys tab.

If you skipped the setup wizard you need to register your license key by going in Languages > Settings > License keys module.


Enter the license key in the field as in the example shown below and then click on ‘Save changes’.


Now the license key is associated to your site. During one year, you will be able to receive updates in your WordPress dashboard for Polylang Pro and/or Polylang for WooCommerce (like it is done for plugins). You will need to renew your license to get updates after one year.

NB: If you purchased the Polylang Business Pack, you received 3 license keys, one for Polylang Pro, one for Polylang for WooCommerce and one for the Polylang Business Pack. You must enter the first two license keys in Polylang settings to receive the plugins updates. The third one will be used only to renew your license.